Unveiling the Enchanting Secrets of Broma Bakery

Broma Bakery was founded by Sarah Fennel, who initially started the blog as a way to share her passion for baking.

Sarah's love for France is reflected in many of her recipes. She studied in Paris, which inspired her to incorporate French techniques and flavors into her delectable creations.

Beyond just recipes, Broma Bakery stands out for its stunning photography.

Sarah's background in photography shines through in every mouthwatering image, making the blog a feast for the eyes.

Almonds are a recurring star ingredient in Broma Bakery's recipes.

the bakery's love affair with almonds is a delightful surprise.

Believe it or not, Broma Bakery has ingeniously used avocados in some desserts.

The creamy texture and subtle taste of avocados add an unexpected twist to classic treats.

Broma Bakery excels in creating gluten-free versions of beloved baked goods.