Goodness, the basic delight of joining pasta and new cheddar to make the supernatural dish of macintosh and cheddar.

While the starting points of the dish are easy to refute, one thing that isn't begging to be proven wrong is that America can't get enough of it. 

What's more, that carries us to Public Macintosh and Cheddar Day, an occasion made simply to praise the presence of the messy solace food.

When is Public Macintosh and Cheddar Day 2023?

Public Macintosh and Cheddar Day happens yearly on July fourteenth. This year, it happens on a Friday.

Public Macintosh and Cheddar Day commends one of America's number one solace food varieties.

 It's simply a reason to enjoy the ooey, gooey, messy goodness that is macintosh and cheddar.

You can take a shot at custom made macaroni or score some café gifts to pay tribute to the event.