Former federal judge says the Constitution could disqualify Donald Trump in 2024, not Joe Biden's actions

Moderate previous government judge J. Michael Luttig denied charges that the Colorado High Court's decision

 precluding previous President Donald Trump from the state's official essential polling form was a political decision.

The Colorado court's choice last week denoted whenever a court first has embraced

a hypothesis that the previous president precluded himself from a subsequent term by endeavoring to upset the 2020 political decision.

In a meeting with MSNBC on Saturday, have Ali Velshi got some information about worries

 that precluding the 2024 conservative leader is hostile to majority rule, regardless of whether it conforms to the US's regulations.

Luttig scrutinized government officials and news sources for taking up the contention,

 making sense of "the actual Constitution lets us know that preclusion isn't hostile to majority rule."

For sure, the Constitution lets us know that the direct can bring about preclusion. 

Specifically, an uprising or resistance that is against vote based. 

As far as I might be concerned, that is probably all around as clear as any report or Constitution could come to that meaningful conclusion," Luttig said.

I believe it's perfectly clear, and it will be perfectly clear to the American public, that the Constitution of the US's excluding the previous president from higher office, assuming he is to be precluded.

To address the political heroes, it's not President Joe Biden. It's not the leftists. It's not the counter Trumpers. It's the Constitution of the US," he added.