An Alleged Drake Dick Pic Has Leaked And He Has A HAMMER

Nothing spells Tuesday morning better than blogging about Drake's dick.

Everyone calls me a Drake meat rider for my OVO owl tattoo, and it never bothered me, until today.

The man is packing a fucking hammer, and as one of his biggest fans I have to say, it's unfair.

You can't be the greatest artist of this generation, be 1 away from Michael, AND have a SHLONG

Bro doesn't even care that it got leaked. Shit, I wouldn't either, if I was packing like that it'd be my profile pic.

What the fuck is going on right now, I'm blogging about another mans meat.

I can't do this anymore. Moral of the story is,

Drake has a horse cock, and he might be the first

ever non-pornstar to benefit from their dick being posted on the internet.