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China’s BYD sells 200,000 EVs monthly in 2023 leaving Tesla in the dust

In the quickly developing universe of electric vehicles (EVs),

 the year 2023 is ending up an essential second, with the area going through a huge change as far as piece of the pie.

While Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) has for some time been inseparable from electric vehicles, 

there has been a surprising worldwide piece of the pie elements shift, with China-based BYD getting everyone's attention.

Specifically, information procured by Finbold demonstrates that in the principal half of 2023, BYD sold 1,191,405 electric vehicles,

 addressing a normal of 198,567 units each month. BYD's unit deals outperformed Tesla's 888,879 by 302,526 vehicles.

 Over the underlying a half year of 2023, the American EV producer found the middle value of 148,146 vehicle deals each month.

The units remember battery electric vehicles and attachment for crossover electric vehicles.