Google Cloud Platform VPS facts

Did you know that Google Cloud Platform VPS is powered by the same infrastructure that supports Google Search and YouTube?

Tailor your virtual machines to your exact requirements with Google Cloud Platform VPS.

Create custom machine types with precise specifications, such as CPU, RAM, and storage, to optimize your workload performance.

Live Migration Magic: Say goodbye to downtime! Google Cloud Platform VPS utilizes live migration technology,

Global Load Balancing: Deliver your content and applications with lightning speed across the globe.

Google Cloud Platform VPS offers global load balancing, intelligently distributing traffic to the nearest data center, ensuring optimal performance for your users.

Preemptible Instances: Unlock incredible cost savings with preemptible instances.

Automatic Resource Scaling: Never worry about resource management again.

Google Cloud Platform VPS offers PMEM, a high-performance and low-latency memory solution that bridges the gap between traditional RAM and storage