Ice Spice Channels Early Nicki Minaj on’Y2K’ Single ‘Phat Butt’

"Got these bitchеs bitin' all my flows," she raps. "Like ballerinas, keep 'em on they toes"

Ice Spice drags them hating bitches on “Phat Butt.”

On Friday, the New York rapper released her Y2K single “Phat Butt” on which she celebrates her fame and drags those who hate her for it.

Spice unleashes the fiery, two-minute song with a reference to Nicki Minaj classic “Beez in the Trap”

in the intro before channeling the same “bitches can’t tell me nothing” energy of the Queen of rap.

“I’m the one who they pumpin’/Rap bitch on a pop chart/Toastin’ bitches like Pop-Tarts/You’s a flop bitch knock it off,” raps Spice.

The self-directed video sees Spice lip-synching and dancing in front of a graffitied wall with a massive booty, or should we say phat butt?

On the song’s bridge, Spice takes aim at other rap girls (allegedly Latto) who’ve copied her photo-taking style,

as she raps: “Got these bitchеs copyin’ my pose/Got these bitchеs bitin’ all my flows/Like ballerinas, keep ’em on they toes/And I really write, like fuck a ghost.”