irfc share price

irfc share price

The IRFC's January 2021 initial public offering (IPO) saw a 3.49-fold oversubscription, signifying robust investor interest and a noteworthy achievement for the company.

Being a government-owned company, IRFC offers investors a high degree of stability and security, making it a safer investment than many other companies.

In addition to providing a constant income stream and the possibility of capital appreciation, IRFC regularly pays dividends to its shareholders.

The majority of Indian Railways' capital expenditures are financed by IRFC, which makes it an essential partner in the expansion and modernization of the train system.

The strategic nature of long-term investing in IRFC shares stems from the company's pivotal position in the infrastructure development of India.

Major rating agencies have awarded IRFC good credit ratings, indicating its strong financial standing and market trustworthiness.

Since IRFC has previously issued tax-free bonds, investors have benefited tax-wise, making this a desirable investment choice.

The business has continuously demonstrated solid financial performance, with remarkable annual increase in both revenue and profit.

IRFC has a monopoly advantage because it is the only financier for the Indian Railways, which guarantees a steady demand for its financing services.

Given its vital role in the nation's infrastructure, IRFC's business model exhibits resiliency during economic downturns.