15 Unknown Details About Kingdom Hearts 4 That Will Astound You

With improved graphics and fresh plots, Kingdom Hearts 4 brings back famous Disney worlds from the original games, such as Wonderland and Agrabah.

There are hidden boss fights in the game that are inspired by vintage Square Enix games. These bosses have different difficulties and are hiding in different realms.

Kingdom Hearts 4 has a dynamic weather system that modifies the environment and gameplay in real time, a first for the series.

Players are able to personalize Sora's fighting style by customizing his new emotional skills that he acquires during the game.

There are hidden collectibles strewn around the environments that open up special in-game material and reveal more about the plot.

There are numerous Easter eggs in the game that make references to other Square Enix properties, such as Final Fantasy and The World Ends with You.

The Gummi Ship missions now offer far more in the way of personalization and complicated objectives with higher prizes.

In Kingdom Hearts 4, surprising guest voice actors—including well-known series fans—bring beloved characters back to life.

As the player progresses through the game, more details regarding the Keyblades' history and relationship to the game's universe are revealed.