YouTuber faces a federal charge after allegedly directing video of fireworks being shot from a helicopter at a Lamborghini

The 2023 video, which has been taken down, was titled 'Destroying a Lamborghini with Fireworks.' Alex Choi, the YouTuber who posted it, called it one of his 'crazy stupid ideas.'

A well-known YouTuber is being charged federally in relation to a video

that depicts two females launching pyrotechnics at a Lamborghini sports car from a moving helicopter.

As Alex Choi on YouTube, Suk Min Choi, who has almost a million subscribers,

Tuesday with "causing the placement of explosive or incendiary device on an aircraft," according to a federal document

The accusation is based on a video that Choi posted on July 4, 2023,

about eleven minutes long, with the title "Destroying a Lamborghini With Fireworks."

According to the affidavit, which was written by special agent Cristina Jones utilizing footage shot in California

Choi can be seen in the video pushing a "fire missiles" button

while the two women in the helicopter let off the pyrotechnics.