Minnesota Flag Redesign 2023 - A New Era Forays

Minnesota's flag, once a contentious symbol, has embarked on a journey of transformation.

After decades of debate, the state unveiled its brand new flag in December 2023, a design brimming with modern simplicity and profound meaning.

Minnesota's old flag featured the state seal, which depicted a scene many deemed offensive – a settler plowing the land while an Indigenous man fades into the background.

Public outcry and a growing desire for a flag that embraced diversity led to the formation of the State Emblems Redesign Commission.

Over 2,600 submissions poured in, each a testament to the passion Minnesotans hold for their state symbol.

Amidst a sea of creativity, Andrew Prekker's design emerged victorious.

The map-like outline celebrates Minnesota's unique landforms and fosters a sense of belonging.

– Visit the State Emblems Redesign Commission website to learn more about the design process and explore the winning submissions.

The new Minnesota flag isn't just a piece of fabric; it's an invitation to rediscover the hidden wonders of the state.