Parliament Square United Kingdom

Parliament Square United Kingdom

Cyclist reaches Parliament Square after 3,000-mile ride

A record-breaking cyclist has finished a 3,000-mile ride around the perimeter of central area England on a handcrafted bamboo bicycle.

Kate Solid, 44, holds three cycling world records and a marathon title.

Ms Solid set out on her 90-day challenge to bring issues to light of the environment emergency.

She then, at that point, went to places including Edinburgh, John O'Groats, Glasgow and Liverpool, setting up camp en route.

She then cycled around the bank of Grains, through Cardiff and Bristol, prior to arriving at Land's End in Cornwall.

Ms Solid crossed the end goal at Parliament Square on Saturday evening, to the cheers of allies.

Discussing the test she said: "I'm not a researcher, and this is only my viewpoint, however we want quick activity, we really want critical activity.

"We really want enormous activity, yet on a singular level, and afterward give it to the public authority and the large scale to ensure the system that we work inside upholds the master plan too."