Southern Professional Hockey League

Did you know that the SPHL was established in 2004 as a minor professional hockey league?

Hold your breath! The fastest goal ever scored in an SPHL game happened just 5 seconds into the match

The Huntsville Havoc and Knoxville Ice Bears hold the record for the longest winning streak in SPHL history.

Known as the President's Cup, this prestigious trophy is awarded to the team that emerges victorious in the SPHL playoffs.

The Fayetteville Marksmen are known for their philanthropic efforts off the ice.

Did you know that the Biloxi Surge played a single season in the SPHL?

In 2017, the Macon Mayhem secured their first SPHL championship in franchise history.

Several SPHL players have gone on to make their mark in the National Hockey League (NHL).

Every year, the SPHL All-Star Game brings together the league's finest players for an unforgettable exhibition match.