suzlon share price

Suzlon Energy was one of the most successful listings on the Indian stock market when it went public in 2005, with its initial public offering (IPO) oversubscribed 49 times.

In 2008, Suzlon shares reached an incredible peak of ₹460, which was indicative of the company's swift expansion and the optimism of investors during that period.

The 2007 acquisition of REpower (now Senvion) by Suzlon increased investor trust and resulted in a notable increase in share price because of the company's enlarged global reach.

Suzlon's share price crashed during the 2008 financial crisis, exposing the company's susceptibility to changes in the world economy.

Suzlon has undergone several debt restructuring processes over the years, and the company's high debt levels have continuously hurt the value of its shares.

Suzlon's share price has fluctuated due to frequent managerial and operational issues, which has investors on edge.

Suzlon's share price has occasionally increased because to government initiatives that support renewable energy, demonstrating its potential to profit from the shift to green energy.

A sizeable amount of the promoters' interests have been pledged as collateral, which has an impact on investor mood and share price stability.

Due to growing investor confidence in Suzlon's product offerings, the company's share price has occasionally improved as a result of its improvements in wind turbine technology.