These 3 whole grains are the healthiest to eat for fiber, protein.

Grains are a significant wellspring of fiber, B nutrients, complex carbs and minerals like iron, magnesium and selenium. 

The carbs in grains are vital in light of the fact that they're

 "immediate and simple wellsprings of energy for your body" says enlisted dietitian Chris Mohr.

While all entire grains will give these supplements,

 there are a not many that stick out. 

 there are a not many that stick out. 

Farro, oats and quinoa might be the best grains as a result of their weighty fiber content.

"Fiber's not the hottest supplement to discuss due to the advantages, however it's basic for wellbeing," Mohr says.

Dietary fiber assists you with feeling more full, supports processing and forestalls obstruction.

The Dietary Rules for Americans suggest eating 28 grams of fiber each day founded on a 2,000-calorie diet.