How to build a hurricane kit as Idalia heads toward Florida

The American Red Cross records two sorts of typhoon units: A Go-Pack,

three days of provisions to convey with you, and a Stay-at-Home Pack, fourteen days of provisions at home.

A Go-Pack is utilized on the off chance that you need to clear your home, either in front of a tempest (no departure orders are as of now set up for our area for Idalia) or in light of harm making your home dreadful.

A Stay-at-Home Pack will guarantee you have all that you want if there should be an occurrence of blackouts, overwhelmed roads or organizations like stores, banks and drug stores shutting.

What to remember for a Go-Pack: Three days worth of provisions that you can convey with you One gallon of water for every individual,

each day for three days Durable, simple to-plan food things (three-day supply) Manual can opener Dispensable plates and utensils Paper towels

Tissue Pet food and supplies Spotlight and batteries Battery-controlled or hand-wrench radio Emergency treatment unit