Indian Spices and vegetables

Below is a list of spices and other flavouring substances commonly used in India.[1]

Image Standard English Notes
Alkanet root (Hindi: Ratanjot)
Amchoor Raw unripe mango is sun-dried and then ground to fine powder.(HindiAmchoor आमचूर)
Asafoetida Intensely aromatic – flavor profile sometimes compared to that of truffles and garlic.Used as a tempering spice.

(Hindi: Hing हिंग)

Bay leafIndian bay leaf Both Indian bay leaf and bay leaf are similar and called tej patta in Hindi. However, they are from two different species and have differences in taste.Used as a tempering spice.

(Hindi: Tej Patta तेज पत्ता)

Black cardamom Very earthy and darkly aromatic. Often used in North Indian curries.Used as a tempering spice.

(Hindi: Badi Elaichi बड़ी इलाइची)

Black peppercorns Pepper may be used whole or ground in Indian cuisines. The largest producer is the southern Indian state of Kerala.Used as a tempering spice.

(Hindi: Kali Miri काली मरी)

Charoli Also known as chironji, Cuddapah almond or almondette; a type of nut particularly used in making desserts.(Hindi: Chironji चिरोन्जी)
Capers They are immature flower buds of Capparius spinosa, also known as caper berry.(Hindi: Kabra कब्र)
Capsicum or bell pepper (Hindi: Shimla Mirch शिमला मिर्च)
Caraway seeds Used as a tempering spice.(Hindi: Shahijeera शाहजीरा)
Carom seeds Also known as bishop’s weed, they are different from celery seeds and radhuni seedsUsed as a tempering spice.

(Hindi: Ajwain अजवायन)

Cassia buds Also known as Mesua ferrea; the unopened flowers of the cinnamon tree that are picked just before blooming and dried in the sun.Used in Ayurveda for treating fever, vomiting, UTIs, migraines, etc.

Also used in Chyavanprash.

Used as a tempering spice.

Char magaz A mixture of four types of melon seed kernels (watermeloncantaloupecucumberpumpkin).(Hindi: Char Magaz चार मगज)
Cinnamon Grown commercially in Kerala in southern India. Two types, cassia (common) and royal.Used as a tempering spice.

(Hindi: Dalchini दालचीनी)

Citric acid
Cloves Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka are largest producers in India.Used as Tempering Spice.

(Hindi: Laung लौंग)

Coriander seed Also used in powdered form.Used as a tempering spice.

(Hindi: Sabut Dhaniya साबुत धनिया)

Cubeb or tailed pepper Tastes of clove with added bitterness with a persistent mild numbing sensation(Hindi: Sheetal Cheeni शीतलचीनी/Kabab Cheeni कबाब चीनी)
Cumin seed Used as a tempering spice.(Hindi: Jeera जीरा)
Cumin seed ground into balls
Curry leaf or sweet neem leaf Foliage of the curry tree.Cannot retain flavour when dried. Only used fresh. (Hindi: Kari Patta करी पत्ता)
Fennel seed Used as natural mouth-freshener.Used as a tempering spice.

(Hindi: Saunf सौंफ)

Fenugreek leaf (Hindi: Methi मेथी)
Dry Fenugreek leaves It is rubbed gently in the palms of the hands and sprinkled over the cooked dish towards the end.(Hindi: Kasuri Methi कसूरी मेथी)
Fenugreek seed Used as a tempering spice.(Hindi: Methi dana मेथी दाना)
Garcinia gummi-gutta Used in fish preparations in Kerala
Garam masala Blend of eight or more warming spices. Each family has its own recipe.(Hindi: Garam Masala गरम मसाला)
Garcinia indica Used mainly in MaharashtrianKonkan and Gujarati cuisine. It has a sour taste with a faintly sweet aroma.

(Hindi: Kokam कोकम)

Garlic (Hindi: Lasson लहसुन)
Ginger (Hindi: Adarak अदरक)
Dried ginger mostly powdered(Hindi: Sonth सोंठ)
Green cardamom Malabar variety is native to Kerala. Used as a tempering spice.(Hindi: Hari Elaichi हरी इलायची)
green chilli Green chili pepper (Hindi: Hari Mirch हरी मिर्च)
Indian gooseberry It is used in Chyavanprash.(Hindi: Amla आंवला)
Inknut Also called haritaki.Used in Ayurveda for treating chronic ulcer, diarrhea, dysentery and piles.

(Hindi: Harad हरड़)

Jakhya Also called dog mustard or wild mustard. Used in Garhwali and Kumaoni styles of cuisines.Tasteless and odorless when uncooked; earthy and crunchy when crackled in oil.

(Hindi: Jakhya जख्या)

Black Stone Flower It has a strong earthy aroma and a very dry, light fluffy texture and feel to it. It is widely used in Chettinad cuisine and to some extent in Hyderabadi and Marathi cuisine.(Hindi: Pathar phool पत्थर फूल)
Guizotia abyssinica Kaaral/khuraasni/raamtill
Liquorice powder (Hindi: Mulethi मुलेठी)
Long pepper Used in South Indian cuisines.(Hindi: Pippali पिप्पली)
Mango extract
Marathi moggu
Yellow mustard seed Used as a tempering spice.(Hindi: Sarson सरसों)
Brown mustard seed Used as a tempering spice.(Hindi: Rai राइ)
Naagkeshar Used in Maharashtrian cuisine as one of the ingredients of godaa masaalaa.(Hindi: Nagkeshar नागकेसर)
Nigella seed Gives smoky, nutty flavor; dry-roasted or used as a tempering spice(Hindi: Kalonji कलौंजी)
Nutmeg (Hindi: jaayaphal जायफल)
Mace Mace is the outer covering of nutmeg nut and has a similar aroma.(Hindi: Javitri जावित्री)
Panch phoron This is a Bengali spice mix that combines fennel seeds, cumin seeds, fenugreek seeds, mustard seeds and nigella seeds.Used as tempering spices.
Pomegranate seed Dried and ground in the Middle East.(Hindi: Anardana अनारदाना)
Poppy seed Very popular in West Bengal known posto, with no of Bengali cuisine, most popular Allu Posto(Hindi: Khas khas खसखस)
Pandanus (Screwpine) (Hindi: Pulao Patti पुलाव पत्तिAnnapoorna Pattiyaan अन्नपूर्णा पत्तियां)
Radhuni Seeds/Wild celery It is dried fruit of Trachyspermum roxburgianum.Mostly used in Bengali Cuisine.

(Hindi: Ajmod अजमोद)

Red Chili Pepper (Hindi: Lal Mirch लाल मिर्च)Bhut Jolokia (Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, and Nagaland).

Kashmiri Mirch (Kashmir).

Guntur Sannam (Andhra Pradesh).

Jwala Chilli (Gujarat).

Byadagi (Karnataka and Tamil Nadu).

Ramnad Mundu/Gundu (Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh).

Dhani (Manipur and Mizoram).

Kanthari (Manipur, Mizoram, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala).

Warangal Chappatta (Telangana).

Used as Tempering Spice.

Saffron pulp Actually, safflower concentrate
Saffron World’s most expensive spice. Used for flavouring rice & desserts.(Hindi: Kesar केसर)
Sesame seed Black Sesame seed (Hindi: Kala Til काला तिल)White Sesame seed (Hindi: Til तिल)
Star Anise Exotic, Chinese-influenced flavoursUsed as Tempering Spice.

(Hindi: Chakra phool चक्र फूल)

Sichuan Pepper Also known as Teppal/ Tirphal.(Hindi: Tirphal तिरपाल)
Tamarind Provides tartness in South Indian curries. (Hindi: Imli इमली)
Thymol/carom seed Used as Tempering Spice.(Hindi: Ajwain अजवायन)
Turmeric It is used extensively in Indian cooking. It is also often used as a colourant. It has a warm, peppery taste with musky, earthy undertones.Raw Turmeric (Hindi: Kachi Haldi कच्ची हल्दी).

Dry Turmeric (Hindi: Sukhi Haldi सूखा हल्दी).

Ground Turmeric (Hindi: Haldi हल्दी).

Gum Tragacanth A thickener and coating for desserts
White Peppercorns Mostly used in white, cream based gravies/curries.(Hindi: Safed Mirch सफेद मिर्च)


Top 29 Most Popular Indian Spices :

Asafoedita-image- hing-image buy Indian spices online Spiceitupp

A strong and aromatic gum resin, asafoetida or hing is used during the cooking process or tempered in oil as the first step before adding other ingredients. It is a flavouring agent.


A leaf spice or herb, it is mildly aromatic used in curries, rice and spice blends. The Indian bay leaf is different to the bay leaves found in other countries.

Black Cardamoom pods buy online list of indian spices

Smoky, woody and aromatic, this spice is less popular outside the subcontinent but a regular feature in all Indian kitchens. Whole black cardamom pods are tempered in oil to make curries, lentils and rice dishes.

BLACK-PEPPER- sabut-kaali-mirch- image-indian -spice

Sharp and pungent, black peppercorn are perhaps the most used spice in the world. It is used to enhance the taste and flavour in many dishes especially in south Indian preparation and to make spice blends.

carom seeds in a large sppon. post on what is carom seed and their use for health benefits

A miracle spice with many underlying heath benefits. It is a added to dough, dry and gravy based dishes to enhance flavour and taste. Especially used for fried savoury dishes and in breads.

Indian-chaat-masala-image- buy indian spice online spiceitupp

Zesty, tangy Indian spice seasoning mainly used for street style food and snacks. It is a taste enhancer sprinkled on top of finished dishes.

how to use cinnamon stick in a bowl

Cinnamon also known as cassia is perhaps the world’s most celebrated spice with a sweet woody aroma. It can be used both as whole sticks in warm oil or in liquid or as a powdered spice in many dishes to add taste.


Enhances flavours and taste of dishes it is added to. Temper in warm oil or add to boiling liquid. Popular ingredient used in numerous Indian spice blends and many dishes.

ganz Koriander coriander powder indian spice buy spices online switzerland

Whole seeds used as base ingredient for different type of tadkas (tempering) and spice blends. Enhances taste and flavour in the dishes it is added to.

Cumin seeds texture and taste

An essential Indian spice used whole seeds tempered in oil for cooking curries, rice, lentils and many other dishes. It is used in base sauce and spice blends.

Indian- fresh-curry -leaves-image buy indian spice online spiceitupp

Not to be confused with a curry dish, Curry leaves are aromatic herb used for tadkas (tempering) to enhance flavour. It is fresh, cirtusy and an indispensable herb in Western and South Indian cuisine.

what is kasuri methi

Another Indian herb known for it taste and flavour enhancing properties. Crushed and added to finished dishes such as sauce based dishes and dry dishes, it is popularly used in Punjabi or North Indian cuisine.


Similar in appearance to cumin seeds but of a completely different flavour profile, fennel seeds is fresh, aromatic and liquorice in taste. You can add them whole, eat them raw or grind into powder in dishes and spice blends.

What are fenugreek seeds

Aromatic, nutty with a slight sweet bitter taste. It can be used to make curries, stir-fries, casseroles, and also as a pickling spice. You need to be careful when cooking with them as they can turn bitter if burned in oil.

What is garam masala powder

The mother of all Indian spices, this is a traditional spice blend that is a must have in every Indian kitchen made with a combination of aromatic spices. It can be used both during and at the end of cooking to enhance flavour.

green- cardamom- with-seeds-elaichi-image-indian-spice

Green cardamoms adds freshness to any dish it is added to. With citrusy undertone you can use them whole tempered in warm oil or boiling liquid or use the powdered version in dishes to enhance flavour in curries, pulaos, biryanis, desserts and drinks.

coriander - powder-ground-coriander-image buy indian spice online spiceitupp Indian spice list

Ground coriander has a different use than whole coriander. It is used directly in dishes during the cooking process to add taste. Used in most Indian dishes in the base sauce and also in many spice blends.

Kreuzkuemmel-gemahlen-Cumin-cumin powder buy online switzerland

Another powdered spice that tastes different to the whole seeds. Added during the cooking process to dishes for making gravies or in stir fries. Also used as one of the main base spice for blends.

panch phoron on a plate

A typical Bengali spice blend made with 5 whole spices, it is used to temper in warm oil to release nutty aromatic flavours. It enhances the flavour and taste in curries and stir fires.

Whole red chillies - Buy Spices online Switzerland

Made with special Kashmiri chillies, milder in heat it adds a vibrant red colour to the dishes as opposed to just heat. Unique to Indian cuisine it sure is a must try chilli powder.

Whole mace blade

The flower that encases a whole nutmeg, mace is an aromatic spice used as a taste and flavouring agent. Used for making special regional dishes such as biriyani, dum alu and kormas, a little goes a long way.

yellow, black and brown mustard seeds

A must have spice in the Southern and Western Indian cuisine, this is a nutty pungent spice used to temper in oil as the first step. You can also use mustard seeds paste in many dishes for heightened pungency and sharpness.


Base ingredient for tadka (tempering), black seeds as it is popularly known has many health benefits apart from adding nutty aroma to the dish. It can be used in making snacks, breads and savoury dishes.

Whole nutmeg with powder

Intense flavouring agent for speciality dishes. Whole nutmeg can be grated and added to dishes . You can also use ground nutmeg while cooking or also at the end. Commonly used in North Indian spice blends.

white poppy seeds

Small nutty, poppy seeds are used mainly in paste form in Indian dishes to add thickness and taste to the base sauce. You can also add them whole in breads and snacks for crunchiness.

saffron-spice-image buy indian spice online spiceitupp

Saffron strands add exotic floral aroma to dishes and lends a bright orange colour to the dish. Used in very special dishes especially in kormas. rice, desserts and drinks this is considered a special occasion spice.

star anise image buy indian spice online spiceitupp

Aromatic and flavourful, star anise is primarily used whole in special dishes such as pulaos, and heavy gravy based dishes. It is also used to make spice blends.

Taramind Indian spice for cooking buy tamarind paste online

A popular fruit spice with a sour sweet taste. Tamarind pulp is added in dishes such as chutneys or other sauces to give it a tang. Very popular ingredients for making sweet pickles, chutneys and in South Indian cuisine.


Perhaps one of the world’s most popular spice, turmeric is known as a colour enhancer with exceptional health benefits. It can be used in any dish including drinks and spice blends. It is mildy flavoured with versatile uses.



25 common Indian vegetables and their English names


English name: Yam


English name: Turnip


English name: Tapioca


English name: Sweet potato


English name: Snake Gourd


English name: Water chestnuts


English name: Ridged gourd

09/26Surti Kand

English name: Purple yam


English name: Pointed gourd

11/ 26Karonda


English name: Natal plum

12/ 26Kathal


English name: Jackfruit

13/ 26Tinde


English name: Indian squash

14/ 26Surati papdi

Surati papdi

English name: Hyacinth beans

15/ 26Methi patta

Methi patta

English name: Fenugreek leaves

16/ 26Shingh phali

Shingh phali

English name: Drum stick

17/ 26Lobia


English name: Cow pea

18/ 26Arbi ke patte

Arbi ke patte

English name: Colocasia leaves

19/ 26Guar fali

Guar fali

English name: Cluster beans

20/ 26Hara dhaniya

Hara dhaniya

English name: Cilantro

21/ 26Ajmoda


English name: Celery

22/ 26Chukandar


English name: Beetroot

23/ 26Petha


English name: Ash gourd

24/ 26Hathichak


English name: Artichoke

25/ 26Amla


English name: Indian Gooseberry

26/ 26Chaulai


English name: Amarnath

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